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@mileycyrus: holy shit #floydinspace
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On The Run Tour - Paris (Sept 13)
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Wait. … wait…

don’t do that stop doing that
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blows my mind that women are considered shrill and whiny when all i have to do is insinuate that male feelings are not my #1 priority at all times and every indignant male in a 500 mile radius comes out of the woodwork to let me know how they feel

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wake me up when stydia is back

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my dog was supposed to be a police dog but he failed the training for it because he was too much of a wimp. the trainers said that when he was supposed to be attacking dummies he’d run up to them and roll over and wag his tail and they also said he was the worst failure they’d ever seen 

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Running Harry Styles leaving Coldplay concert downtown LA sept 17, 2014 
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8/22/14 - Vanessa Hudgens at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge in LA.

Celebs, fashion and models. X
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